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Catholic hierarchy rethinks stand on annulment, divorce

Posted by commiedyan on November 17, 2007

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is set to ask the Vatican to change the rules on annulment and to consider allowing divorce in the Philippines, the only Catholic country where it is still banned.

The CBCP, in its latest conclave had reviewed the rising cases of frustrated suicides and parricides involving spouses trying to escape the hell of their marriages.

In their letter to the Vatican, the Philippine bishops recommended that suicide and parricide survivors should be granted automatic permission for annulment. It also said the Holy See should review its description of ‘psychological incapacity’ defined by the Philippine Supreme Court, seen by many as a covert branch of the Church, as inability to qualify for heaven.

The CBCP also cited rising cases of infidelity, as reported by Manuel Buencamino, nos corresponsal en Roma.

12 Responses to “Catholic hierarchy rethinks stand on annulment, divorce”

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  2. Karl said

    I pray that you do not go the way of the Catholic Church in the United States which sanctions all kinds of marital sin, but does so with sleight-of-hand so it looks otherwise.

    I am a former Catholic due to these liberal American innovations.

    You will see your society slip away as you abandon fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church and particularly to life long marital fidelity.

    I beg you to not push for divorce that is easy. You see one side of these issues only. I live the other side. Two of our children almost committed suicide over the injustice of wrongful divorce and corrupted liberal American Catholicism and I almost took my own life as well.


  3. Danny said

    If you don’t like divorce, don’t get one. Respect other people’s basic human right to decide when “till death do us part” is metaphorical, not literal.

  4. taroogs said

    not allowing divorce is like damning an inmate to life imprisonment without any chance of parole or presidential pardon! no one can be that harsh…

  5. WillyJ said

    If you don’t like lasting marriage, don’t get one. Just get instead a temporary sexual contract, so you won’t feel “imprisoned”. If you do get imprisoned,
    and are luckily pardoned, feel free to get imprisoned again.

  6. JOYCEE said

    i am divorced in the US because annulment in the Philippines is expensive adn the church is so slow in giving justice to Filipina like me with a hsuband who is a drug addict,womanizer,pathological lier and resulting for me to have severe depression as what told by my psychiatrist.Only the rich people can afford annulment because they can pay the lawyer.Yes “man and a woman bind by God ,should be faiuthful forever,but God didn’t tell to let your spouse abuse you and to let your life be miserable for the rest of our lives. I hope the gov’t would realize that we need divorce in the Philippines and it’ll help specailly woman to get out from “hell”and start annew life.Why should i go to a foreign land just to get divorce and after getting the citizenship the Philippine government will recognized such divorce,what a rule..what a law..i hope they will fix time to save more lives..

  7. julie said

    I hope philippines have diovorce,

  8. julie said

    Hi atty!

    im separated since 1996 and since we separated i never know where’s my husband, i can’t find him i went to his family nobody knows where he is, can i declare to the court for presumptive death to my husband, so i can move on my new life with someone love me now and we can get married, i hope you can give me advice im greatfully appriciate…. julie

  9. NICK said

    “till death do us part” is metaphorical? Yeah, ok. Keep trying. Till death do us part. Till DEATH due us part. Which part of this very simple sentance fragment DON’T YOU UNDERSTNAND. No one is FORCING you to get married. AND BETTER YET, NO ON is forcing you to GET MARRIED IN A CATHOLIC CHURCH. If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to live by the church’s rules or are SO NARCISSISTIC that you REALLY believe that man is ABOVE rules, and is great enough to make up his OWN to fit his circumstances, fine, keep living your life as you see fit. BUt DO NOT insult people who try and live by the churchs teachings by saying THAT garbage.

    Get a divorce. MAYBE your right. MAYBE.

    • dude said

      dude…open your mind!!!…your just the lucky few that have the luxury to assert such things….lucky for you!!!….but don’t be a prick and a hypocrit…cuz if you were the bitch that i get to slap around while i fuck and have children with 11 other women…you’d cry home to your mama too!!!….so don’t use big words to cover up your ignorance… a real christian and love your neighbor as you love you hypocritical, close minded self!!!

  10. Brian said

    Women in the Philippines are treated like garbage by the government, their husbands, and by the Catholic Church. To the macho low-life husband who cares only for drinking and gambling, the woman is nothing but a broodmare.

    Filipinos should look to their history and realize that the Church has always been a reason things are miserable. From the abusive Spanish Friars to the Bishops now who have an invisible hand in politics. The Church WANTS POVERTY. In the eyes of the Church, the woman is nothing more than a slab of meat…If women had the right to get a divorce, then the ‘dog and pony show’ that the church and politicians put on would be shown for what it really is…a con-job used to keep women in ‘the kitchen’.

    I have met numerous Filipinas who are desperate for some relief. They do all the work while the husband acts like a child…

  11. lerma said

    if i knew that marriage is like a prison cell … hinde sana ako nagpaksal .. pra namn po sa mga kinauukulan at mga attorney sa sumisingil ng mahal eh hinde po lahat eh mayaman sana namn eh wag naman kayong maningil ng sobrang mahal mas mahal pa sumingil ang pilipinas sa annulment kesa sa ibang bansa.. grabhe namn@!!

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