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The strange humor of Queena Lee

Posted by commiedyan on December 1, 2007

by Old Spice
“Did you hear the joke about the man who was proud when he completed a jigsaw within 30 minutes? After all, it said ‘five to six years’ on the box.”
Self-made man: Where are you from? Harvard graduate: I come from a place where we do not end our sentences with prepositions. Self-made man: Okay, where are you from, jackass (ass supplied by TPO editors)—?”

We should really refrain from making fun of other people’s jokes (see note below), or of people telling jokes, but those in Queena Lee Chua’s Inquirer column Saturday and the fact she was telling them is really funny. That’s because she wasn’t really joking. In fact, she was discussing the scientific basis of humor. And we find that funny. But you really should read it for yourself.

“Why do these jokes make us laugh (or at least smile)? In his bestselling book “Quirkology,” multiawarded British behavioral psychologist Richard Wiseman says that, many jokes have one thing in common—they make us feel superior. This arises because the person in the joke (like the man with the jigsaw) or a pompous figure (like the Harvard graduate) looks foolish, which by the way, is one reason politicians are often the butt of jokes.”

Queena Lee, no relation to Annabel Lee nor Christopher Lee, is married to a Chua, and our discreet and extensive investigation showed the husband is related to the tens of millions of Chuas in the Philippines, China, and the rest of the world. For the past 20 years, she has lived a path breaking life as a math and then also as a psychology teacher, inspiring not only students but mentors as well. We’ve also learned from a recent interview that she studied and then taught psychology mainly to help her math students overcome relationship and family problems. Inspiring and amazing. We first learned of her in the nineties because of her heroic efforts helping students and parents overcome math anxiety. We all know how badly this country needs a basic understanding of math and logic, including its politicians and even those who criticize them.

Queena has received a lot of awards and deserved recognition, but these probably pale compared to the successes of her former students now in their own endeavors. She also regularly challenges readers with a set of puzzles a few days before Christmas, and that’s part of the reason TPO pays tribute to her now. We’ve been enjoying her puzzles these past few years and have enjoyed the books she gives to successful solvers.

If Queena were to run for president, her opponents would gladly let her do the counting. That’s because she not only knows calculus and abstract math, she also has unblemished integrity. Truly an outstanding Filipina. (Sorry Mar Roxas, as we said, she’s happily married).

This is her recent column: The funniest joke in the world.

(A few readers have nastily insulted us by taking us too seriously and demanding a humor section).

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  1. you know, you can’t beat like those old fashioned jigsaw puzzles, you should give a look, i’m an addict 🙂

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