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Oplan Peninsula:Rebellion charges to be dropped, civilian captives freed

Posted by commiedyan on December 3, 2007

Rebellion without a clue, rebellion with improbable cause mulled


Old Spice with analysis by Inodoro Nila

State prosecutors as of four this morning were considering dropping charges for rebellion and inciting to rebellion filed by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) against 26 military officers and 24 civilians in connection with the failed Oplan Peninsula. The charges are to be amended to rebellion without a clue for the military and ex-military suspects and rebellion with an improbable cause for the civilians, TPO has learned. But deliberations at the Captain’s Bar at the Manila Pavilion ended without a clear decision, bartenders said.

Journalists ‘invited’ for questioning had earlier been released without charges. The military suspects will also be charged with jaywalking for ignoring green lights in their march from J.P. Rizal to the hotel last Thursday.

The clock run out on the prosecutors 7 a.m. Saturday, according to UP Human Rights Institute executive director Ibarra Gutierrez Jr., and defense lawyers are set to file illegal detention charges against police.

Stung and humiliated by a series of rebuffs by the Supreme Court in related cases in the past two years, state prosecutor Manny Velasco reportedly wants to be more circumspect. He was quoted to be mumbling to himself “If the case is hit and miss, dismiss.” Sources close to the family say he changed after reading the The Prosecution-driven Life by the evangelist Raul Gonzales, whose healthy kidneys recently rebelled against him.

The CIDG is also set to invite Inquirer columnist Patricia Evanglista as a material witness for giving the plotters a broad but crucial hint. She might even be implicated, sources said.


Our judicial system is really screwed. Fuck. I saw with my own eyes the inquest proceedings which lasted up to the wee small hours of Saturday morning. It appeared then that Theodore Te and Gutierrez on one hand and Velasco on their little finger were in agreement about the 36-hour period of lawful detention. But I’d place my bets on the defense anytime. Velasco lied bigtime on ANC Saturday afternoon, and he’s supposed to be a changed man.

So why is Velasco likely to amend the charges? Simple. The original theory of the crime of rebellion and inciting to rebellion just cannot hold. There was motive and opportunity but no means. They could have incited laughter and the joke may have fallen flat. But that is not in the revised penal code. Also, I agree that there is probable cause for charging the civilians with rebellion for an improbable cause.

But let me also warn the Magdalo that their ranks have been infiltrated. The statement on their website on Thursday claimed that retired constabulary chief Ramon Montano was among them. In fact, he was there to bitch about the wedding preparations for a relative.

But don’t overdo it Barry. There’s no need to file charges of food poisoning against the police just because you came home with a bad tummy. After all most of you, including Dodong, enjoyed the dinner buffet. If you have to go before the Supreme Court again, it should be for illegal and ungrammatical revision of the revised penal code. (Inodoro Nila)

6 Responses to “Oplan Peninsula:Rebellion charges to be dropped, civilian captives freed”

  1. Journalists to be charged of traffic violation for ignoring green light. ha!ha!ha!

    I like your site. You have a terrific sense of humor.

  2. Heheheheh!

    Quite funny!

  3. commiedyan said

    We all appreciate your courageous reporting on the events which make us cry. Take care of yourself.

  4. WillyJ said

    Looks more like inciting to laughter. Check out the pic of that guy on the march to Manila Pen in Manolo’s blog. He had the look of “hindi papahuli ng buhay” along with the outrageous wig. For a while there I thought it was the latest in battle headgear. On the other hand, that pained look might mean he is in a rush towards the C.R. at Manila Pen.

  5. commiedyan said

    Yeah. The Pen has good comfort rooms. Have you checked out the sundalo site? It lists Ramon Montano as one of the ‘plotters’. But ANC reported he was there anxious about whether the wedding reception for a relation would push through.

    old spice

  6. Magno Rivera said

    hanap ako tisyu. sabog luha ako sa katatawa sa mga naka-poste dito. kung hindi ko tatapusin kaagad ang pagbabasa, matatatse ako’t kakabagan!

    mabuhay kayo, mga pasimuno ng pantanggal inis na ito!

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