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Why we spend mornings with ANC

Posted by commiedyan on December 4, 2007

But please Maria Ressa, tell us it’s not true

by Old Spice

Some viewers might wonder how the producers and hosts are able to squeeze so much news, opinion and infotainment in two and a half hours. I wonder too, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying Mornings at ANC.

First of all, the show starts with giggling, and then an enumeration of the headlines and then more giggling, then laughter, then more giggling. That’s the A-Team for us: Ricky Carandang, Marieton Pacheco, TJ Manotoc, and Gretchen Fullido, the giggliest and youngest of the four. We enjoy watching other people enjoy doing what they do best: telling us the sorry state of our nation’s affairs with a giggle. And believe me, the giggling is contagious and our neighbors have been wondering if we’re crazy like Miriam Santiago.

Secondly, the hosts of the show have a magic chemistry. They switch from one to the other to different subjects and giggle. Somehow viewers can’t help imagining the imaginable. Who of the four are ____? Who’s playing footsie with whom? Hey that’s none of our business.

What’s been bothering me are the sudden shifts in balance of the hosts on their chairs. The nasty rumor is that there are two metal plates on each of the chairs and that there are two remote controllers to jolt the seated when they overdo the giggling. One is held by Maria Ressa and the other by Twink Macaraig. We await Ressa’s clarification on this. In any case the network is always transparent and ready to disclose that what makes Ricky’s hair stand on end is Meralco electricity.

(Our resident psychic and photographer Ai-ai Sy Yu complains that if Carandang doesn’t go slower with the makeup, she’d start calling him Rica Andang. Sorry Ricky but she’s too young and feminine and is the only one in our staff who’s not gender-sensitive).

The guests in yesterday’s show included Kiri Dalena and the bright Sunshine Matutina promoting another film festival (Kontra-Agos) to commemorate Human Rights month (December). As in previous festivals, many films were rated X allegedly because they tended to “undermine the faith of the people in government and duly constituted authority.” Ai-ai, reading Manotoc’s mind, told me he was asking “Do they need others to do that?”

4 Responses to “Why we spend mornings with ANC”

  1. johnny said

    i just saw this article, i too enjoy watching mornings@anc, especially when they start the show giggling so early in the morning. good chemistry of the four anchors ricky, gretchen, mariton and tj. more power to the show!

  2. kristoff said

    i must admit the reason why i love watching it is not even the news itself but the pretty news anchor, marieton pacheco.i know its kinda crazy but yeah the news and information they are giving are all helpfull but its a double pleasure, being informed and seeing her face its just so refreshing


    Please be more relevant. Use your own language because it is more meaningful and nationalistic. After all, your the TFC “The Filipino Channel”, di ba? Si Boyet Sison Filipino o Americanong kulay brown? Kasi pati demeanor, head and hand gestures, at mga chuckles niya may pagka-americanesque and dating.If ANC has statistics to prove that “English” will raise the quality of any show, I rest my case. Sure dapat din naman may shows in English like an interview with foreigner or a debate in English, but a talk show in English that tackles issues that relate to the madlang people, eka nga? Ridiculous. I speak and even prefer to write in English because it’s our second language, anyway. But I would not speak English on TV kung puede naman palang mag-Tagalog.

  4. pompeyo pedroche said

    Akala ko ba Pinoys are die-hard American copycats? How come we can’t copy their originality, creativity, and patriotic fervor? Pinoy TV does not propagate Filipino identity and culture. It only waits for the latest fad, fashion, dance, music from Hollywood, import the idea, broadcast its Pinoy version. Halos lahat yata ng popular shows sa US na-import na ng Kapamilya at Kapuso networks natin: Family Feud, Who wants to be Millionaire, Deal or No Deal, America got Talent, I’m not Smarter than a Fifth Grader, One Against One Hundred,American Idol, etc., etc.etc. Our TV creative people have stopped creating shows, songs, entertain that are Filipino in thoughts, words, and in deeds. The Apo did not father any new breed of OPM talents. Mga bata ngayon panay hip-hop, tumbling, at RAP ang alam. Thanks to ASAP and Party Pilipinas. Once a week these shows propagate the songs, dances, and culture of everything from the West but little of our very own. I agree with Freddie Aguilar, Maraming American Unggoy sa TV. Hindi lang sa pag-awit at pag-sayaw kundi’y sa pag-broadcast gaya ng tatlong unggoy sa Hardball- na nakalimutan na yatang mag-tagalog at English-spokening sa pag-analize ng mga sports like basketball, boxing, billiards, eh puede namang iTagalog ito, Observe the demeanor of Boyet Sison, ginagaya ang kilos ng mga itim at puting ESPN and SportsCenter anchormen. Kundi lang sa height, kutis, at ilong ni Boyet, akala mo Americano na siya.

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