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Gloria Arroyo dances dirty with sexy ZTE bombshells

Posted by commiedyan on December 17, 2007

Our special gift to loyal readers:

What a dull Christmas this has been, and so many issues will remain unresolved as the year ends. For one, the office of Senator Kiko Pangilinan has told TPO there will be no more hearings on the ZTE-NBN deal this year. So our readers won’t forget the villains in this drama, we’ve produced this special Christmas present(ation). The joke’s on us (double meaning intended). Please click on the photos to view characters and start the show, best viewed with broadband (parental guidance is advised). Downloading might be quirky, but it’s well worth the wait, so have patience and get yourself beer or tea. We suggest you click on Yawyaw, the girl on the swing, before the tongue-lashing Leon. Please help us spread good cheer and make the kids’ wishes come true. May higit pa sa 200 tayong lahat dito!

One Response to “Gloria Arroyo dances dirty with sexy ZTE bombshells”

  1. taroogs said

    ohmaygulay! i can’t elf myself!… i love the choreography! and the costumes are absolutely to die for! 🙂 the dancers? (except the two kids, of course) i hope they just die…

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