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Manila pleasure-givers say no to US $

Posted by commiedyan on December 22, 2007

by e-kunomista

If there are still any doubts that the US dollar has not yet hit bottom, prostitutes in the red light districts of Manila just put those to rest: most are increasingly rejecting the greenback in favor of the euro, yuan, and yen. Among the most sophisticated in the world in the battle against HIV/AIDS and protecting themselves against financial market risks, Manila prostitutes contribute about 2.5% of Philippine gross domestic product, according to the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB). Thus, their rational expectations on currency movements cannot be taken lightly, Central Bank governor Amado Tetangco told TPO last Tuesday.

Dahlia, in the trade for over ten years, said she could ill afford any more risks after the education plan she had purchased for her two daughters became worthless about two years back. Her sentiments were echoed by two colleagues, who like her, were born to women who plied the US military bases. They’ve apparently learned the lesson of market diversification. Moneychangers in Manila are in fact refusing to change dollars, they said. Is business any good this December? What’s on their minds? This, they said.

4 Responses to “Manila pleasure-givers say no to US $”

  1. taroogs said

    2.5% of the GDP, you say? Hmmm… that makes them eligible to have their very own Party-list group, if you ask me! 🙂

  2. WillyJ said

    The oldest profession is a dying profession hereabouts, ever since the pullout of the bases. They should switch jobs, being dancing politicians instead in public service should give them a hedge against currency fluctuations. They should be in good company. There are lots of prostitutes of all kinds already there anyway.

    Yes, WillyJ, they really should take your proposal under advisement.—e-kunomista

  3. i’m not sure the oldest profession is a dying profession. buhay na buhay ang redlight districts. and they don’t have to switch jobs to get to congress. sey nga ni taroogs: magbuo ng political party at join sa next party-list elections. at ang number one advocacy nila: foreign exchange controls. ibalik sa 50 to 1 $ ang palitan! iboboto sila tiyak ng ofw families. iboboto ko rin sila. they can call the party magdalena or luzviminda or asenso pinay! or amgirls!

  4. pompeyo pedroche said

    Prostitution is a state of mind, not necessarily the result of sexual intercourse. It is a trade of something for another. She who sells her body, or any of its attributes but not necessarily her virginity,is a prostitute if she ask to get paid.It is the act of paying a woman for her touch, her kisses, even her mere sight that makes her prostitute. A loose woman who keeps her virginity can still be a prostitute if she is paid for whatever service.

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