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2008 fearless forecasts (1): Mar, Korina to wed with complicated strings attached

Posted by commiedyan on December 24, 2007

(With this we start a series of fearless forecasts for 2008, conclusions from a multi-disciplinary team of astrologists, card-readers, psychics, political scientists, economists, psychologists, physicists, astronomers, archaeologists, microbiologists whom we brought together in a series of Delphi sessions. As usual, we assert that the burden of proof lies with those who disagree with us).

The political consultants of Senator Mar Roxas have long concluded that his romantic involvement with Korina Sanchez is a winner with respect to his chances of bagging the presidency in 2001. For one, they say, it gives him mass appeal. For another, it ‘lays to rest’ doubts about his being a ‘real man.’ We don’t buy that crap, but our experts say the couple will wed late next year, but with a web of complicated strings contained in a prenuptial agreement.

In brief, the two major condition is: If the costs of feigning romance and intimacy outweigh the trappings of political power for Roxas and the influence to be derived by Sanchez, the two will embark on a ‘no-contest’ annulment, with each throwing the charge of psychological incapacity against the other. Our resident psychologist says the case should be a no brainer for the judge, since, she says, the marriage vows are irrefutable proof of psychological incapacity.

10 Responses to “2008 fearless forecasts (1): Mar, Korina to wed with complicated strings attached”

  1. Please check out

  2. kriszy said

    OMG! how would you say that it is complicated? only the people around them make it complicated!!!

  3. OMG! korina sanchez as first lady? anc would be so happy. gives me the creeps.


    Please update your link. My new and only blog account:

    thank you so much for taking time to always read my inanities.

    have a great year ahead!

  5. thank you so much for taking time to always read my inanities.

    have a great year ahead!

  6. Who is Korina Sanchez?

  7. WillyJ said

    Beats me, but since unlike poles attract, she must be a south-seeking pole. She once said of politics: “It is better to watch mud wrestling than being part of it”. Maybe Senator Roxas should seriously take up mud wrestling.

  8. taroogs said

    like erap’s proposition to his wannabe running-mates in 2010, will the Mar-Korina tandem also have a “power-sharing/term-sharing” clause? 🙂

  9. kriszy said

    as kevin’s article title “Mar loves Korina…So what?”

  10. dora said

    I hope Mar won’t marry Korina.

    Korina is a bitchy newscaster, loves putting down the “opponents to be” of Mar for President. How can you use ABS-CBN for political ambition of your boyfriend.
    Grabe ka Korina, I changed my admiration to you. I see you as a bitch person.

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