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Fearless forecasts 2008 (2): George W. finds new members for axis of evil

Posted by commiedyan on January 5, 2008

Reeling from poor survey ratings in the pre-primaries in late 2007, the Republicans will begin to support a new project of the new conservatives (neocons): ostracize Australia and California. Dick Cheney will build a case to invade and bomb down under and even California. That is because Australia is now under a labor government which has signed on to bolder anti-global warming initiatives in Bali and governator Arnie has always been an embarassment to conservatives with his fuel economy standards.

Our experts say there is a ten percent chance that W. will order the Pentagon  to bomb Australia and California in 2008.

5 Responses to “Fearless forecasts 2008 (2): George W. finds new members for axis of evil”

  1. jonolan said

    That would be a shame; I’d hate to Australia damaged. Kalifornia is a different story though…

  2. taroogs said

    either that or return california back to mexico, thus nullifying that recalcitrant state’s opinions and votes. with regard to Oz, bush can always lend his support to the “Australia for Aborigines Only” movement.

  3. jonolan said

    Taroog, based on the immigration records for Kalifornia – legal and illegal – haven’t we already turned it over to Mexico?

  4. taroogs said

    Jonolan, the pinoys will certainly contest the mexican claim

  5. An infant Filipino will float to the USA from Ormoc Bay, and save America.

    GOOGLE: Romanico Alabat, bathtub sailor

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