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Hillary’s camp panics, links Barack to ZTE scam in the Philippines

Posted by commiedyan on February 12, 2008

Victor Woodward

Smarting from recent losses in key primaries, Hillary Clinton has not only replaced her campaign manager but has also instructed her lieutenants to start a new smear job against Barack Obama. This time, Obama is being linked to the ZTE scandal in the Philippines which might lead to the resignation of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo soon.

Clinton staffers are peddling to media that part of the kickback advances by ZTE officials has found its way into Obama’s campaign coffers. How that came to be is the subject an investigative story that is to come out in the New York Times over the weekend.

Obama, however, remains unfazed and claims that Mrs. Arroyo is helping his opponent so she could make a deal should Hillary succeed Bush. “There is no way for Mrs. Arroyo but down…if Hillary wants to go to bed with a corrupt Asian leader, that’s her call,” he said.

(Note: Mr. Woodward of the Washington Pest has recently been appointed as TPO’s contributing editor based in the US capital.) 

7 Responses to “Hillary’s camp panics, links Barack to ZTE scam in the Philippines”

  1. taroogs said

    he’ll probably turn up in the cctv records of NAIA, grabbing Lozada’s arm and snatching his bags and passport 🙂

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  3. commiedyan said

    What have you been up to aside from breathing fire?

  4. taroogs said

    Commiedyan, trying to keep sane, mostly… something even more difficult to do nowadays 😦

  5. pablojohn said

    This perhaps explains why, sources say, when Jun Lozada was offered “patriotic money” by Ping Lacson and Jamby Madrigal, to the tune of P20M, he dismissed the offer as “small change”. He reportedly said, according to unnamed sources, “If you’re going to give me change, at least give me CHANGE I CAN BELIEVE IN”.

  6. niña said

    bwahaha. nice post! comic relief shall set us free! 🙂

    sir i’ll link your blog to mine if you dont mind. Thanks hehe. 🙂

  7. Nikki Rhie , 15 said

    hillary is right about the issue…
    but is it true that Pres.Arroyo was HELPING HER OPPONENT?
    so she could make a deal?

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