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Lies and half-truths shall set you free

The faces of 2007 and probably for 2008

CLICK HERE TO ENTER.These are just a few of the people (except Yawyaw, the girl on the swing, and Leon Kilat, the wonderboy blogger) who have made this year a memorable one with their straight-faced lies, thoughtlessness, and unintended humor. As the year draws to a close, we are sharpening our knives to prick their egos, sow more intrigue, libel and defame them, in the hope that next year, their lies may not be as fungus-faced as this year’s. But that may be a naive hope, for we all know that the (traditional) political season is upon us, and the lies can only grow more brazen, unless of course we take history into our own hands and be politically active every day of our miserable lives. (click randomly on any of the faces, to expose the lies or untold stories behind them). The coming year will be more interesting and perhaps more difficult, especially with the slowdown in the US economy and its effects globally. If ‘phenomenal’ growth in the Philippines has not really led to any palpable effects on poverty and income distribution, think about what a slowdown in the economy entails. It is sad that most of our people, more than 21 years after February 1986, still view the world in terms of angels and demons, good versus evil, and are thus always hungry for quick fixes and heroes, with tragic consequences.

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