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Sydney court cites kangaroo for contempt

Posted by commiedyan on November 14, 2007

by Juan Mercado Howard

TPO Sydney bureau

Magistrates in Sydney today granted the motion for continuance filed by plaintiffs in a wild wildlife suit after a kangaroo named Martha hopped into the courtroom and disrupted proceedings.

The marsupial pled innocent of contempt but was released on her own recognizance despite protests by the solicitors Pablo John Garcia, Ruben Carranza Jr., Joel Bontuyan, and Harry Roque, representing the Worldwide Fund for Nature and the Environment (WWF) and Conservation International (CI), that she was a flight risk and prone to jump bail.

Martha came a day early, Carranza, who subpoenaed her as a hostile witness, said. “I don’t want to go back to the outback,” Martha told TPO.

Talk about kangaroo justice, Carranza whispered to reporters on his way out of the courtroom.

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