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TPO responds to impecunious ex-PDI columnist

Posted by commiedyan on November 13, 2007

by Unsagani Ambut

Vic Mangosteen, who has been driven to peddling a nutritional extract from the fruit bearing his name, has trained his guns on TPO. Apparently, income from his fruity cock and bull (and his PR work) in a sub-standard daily and in his own web site, with its pathetic ads has not been enough. If you recall, he was unceremoniously driven out of PDI after he famously drenched the activist RC Constantino with a glass of water during a forum on charter change where RC exploded into one of his monologues in front of the House speaker.

Thereafter, allegations of unethical behavior, mainly his PR work, surfaced, leading to his forced resignation from the paper he worked so loyally with since its founding in 1985. We were also told that RC sought the help of Joel Rocamora, who flew with him to Siquijor to have a spell cast on Mangosteen.

We know what he wants from us, but we will not give in. In fact, we admit that the rumors he has been peddling about us are true. There is a nasty boardroom squabble in TPO, but this has not affected editorial operations at all, although the staff has had to suffer delayed salaries and a shortage of supplies. But we are driven more by the roots of our principles rather than the rotten fruit from the poisoned tree he lusts for.

Mangosteen is also right that our CEO and CFO are being investigated on their citizenship and on possible violations of the anti-dummy law. We in the editorial staff are cooperating and have told the SEC investigators that even if the two were to be eventually kicked out of the board and their executive responsibilities, we will survive. Read the rest of this entry »

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BBC’s Tim Sebastian rejects ANC offer, paving way for Dean Bocobo

Posted by commiedyan on November 1, 2007

by The Small and Medium at Large

In the past weeks, ANC news director Maria Ressa has been in secret talks with the Beeb’s Tim Sebastian, unceremoniously kicked out from Hard Talk and replaced by Stephen Sackur for undisclosed reasons.

Ressa has been looking for a host who would take no bull from guests. While most anchors (Ricky Carandang, Pia Hontiveros, Manolo Quezon, to name a few) of ANC have been improving in skill, they still do not make the cut for Maria Ressa. They are too young and polite, and at times plainly gullible.

Sebastian had a long line of demands, ranging from a chartered jet to the country every week to luxurious accommodations.

All these benefitted Dean Bocobo, but he also has demands ANC finds too expensive to fulfill.

For one, Dean wants the saxophonist John Klemmer, who has declined the offer because of the requirement that he act as comedian too.

Two, Dean wants a band ala David Letterman’s.

On the part of the Lopezes, they are understandably disturbed by persistent rumors that Bocobo might have secret links to the Rizalist cults from the Visayas and Mindanao.

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