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Hillary resists temptation

Posted by commiedyan on August 27, 2008

by Victor Woodward

(The Washington Pest)

“No you don’t. No I won’t.” These were the stern words of Hillary Clinton to John Mccain, that wrinkly, white-haired stupid man whose claim to fame is having been shot down in Vietnam in a war that humiliated the United States. Mccain, who has shown no indication that he learned anything from the Vietnam War, called Hillary to ask her to be his running mate.

The Republican camp has been shamelessly running ads showing Ms. Clinton’s attacks on Mr. Obama’s alleged lack of experience and non-preparedness for the presidency.  It has been courting Clinton supporters whose lack of warmth for Obama has could not but be fired up some more because she was not chosen running mate.  Our investigation, however, revealed that Mr. Obama did offer the slot to Ms. Clinton, but that her husband would not agree to one condition: that he stay away from Washington politics and be content with an appointment as US ambassador to Kosovo.

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