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Cebu businessman sues guv’s brother for P10 M in damages

Posted by commiedyan on November 5, 2007

Cris Saavedra, alleged whistleblower in the CICC controversy, has filed a P10M damage suit against neophyte Rep. Pablo John Garcia for undue vexation leading to loss of face. The businessman had earlier filed a P1 libel suit against Governor Gwendolyn Garcia for calling him a “bald-headed creature.” In his new complaint, Saavedra claimed that Pablo John’s blog, caused him sleepless nights which gave him an unbearable scalp condition, leading him to seek expensive treatment which further led to an untreatable impairment of vision.

In his piece, Pablo John ridiculed the libel suit against his sister, for whom he was legal and humor consultant before his election to the House:

“Cris Saavedra says the Governor maligned him by calling him a “bald-headed creature. In libel, there is such a thing as “proof of the truth”, and provides a defense where the statement complained of is in itself true. I hope it is not Saavedra’s position that the Governor was lying when she said that because it might invite the Governor’s lawyers to mark his head in evidence. And that would make him a “marked” man in the literal sense of the word, and not just in the figurative sense, as he imagined himself to be when he sought the protection of Mayor Tomas Osmeña.”

TPO has learned that Saavedra’s expensive regimen exceeded all expectations. The upper half of his face has grown hair.

In an unrelated development, Pablo John told TPO he was not one of those who received a loot bag in the Palace. Because he did not claim a clear conscience, we are inclined not to disbelieve him. We would know, the loot would have gone straight to the TPO endowment.

During his law studies in UP, Pablo John stewarded and rescued The Philippine Collegian from a steep decline in readership with his wit and insight.

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