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Miriam goes gaga again, shoos, calls reporter crazy

Posted by commiedyan on November 19, 2007

“Wait till you get assasinated…and then you can investigate whether it was an assasination or an act of terrorism.”

Thus did Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago dismiss doubts of administration critics over the official police theory that the blast in the Batasan was a plot to assasinate Rep. Akbar of Basilan, punctuating the remark with that big inimitable laugh of hers.

The Philippines has the highest number of amateur detectives per capita in the world, she said, adding that these detectives automatically consider the police prime suspects in sensational crimes.

We sought an interview with her over allegations that during her time as a high-profile immigration commissioner, the rights of suspects were routinely violated. But she said she was on her way to her therapist. We asked if we could watch the session. “Go away! You’re crazy!” she said. Talk about the pot giving the kettle the benefit of the doubt.

12 Responses to “Miriam goes gaga again, shoos, calls reporter crazy”

  1. Oh Yeah, who is crazy?

  2. WillyJ said

    Miriam must be improving in spite of this. Note that she has not used any colorful adjective recently and seems to laugh more often. You should have interviewed her AFTER her therapy, so as do determine whether to blame her therapist or not. She seems to be slowing down, I hope she comes up with more colorful adjectives like “fungus-faced”…

  3. commiedyan said

    Thanks Willy. We’ll take that under advisement. We’ve skipped a few sessions with our therapist ourselves.
    Mindanao Examiner. Everyone’s crazy, by varying degrees. You’ve got a good site. Keep it up.

  4. Hahahhah!

    Miriam doesn’t need to spew colourful invectives! Her outward persona is colourful enough.

  5. commiedyan said

    Hey Anna.

    We thought you were in the anti-strike strikes in Paris!

  6. Hah! Goes to show you ain’t reading my posts on the strike.

    Bad would!

  7. commiedyan said


    Wrong. I’ve read your blogs on the strike and your responses to comments. Was simply teasing you so don’t get onion-skinned on me. Just got back from two hearings in the Senate and a short meditation by the bay.

  8. Two hearings? Which ones and meditating by which bay?

  9. commiedyan said

    NBN, oil prices, and your favorite bay. No orange hue because particulates were washed by recent rains. Unromantic. You ask so many questions. Might you be a spy?

  10. Shows keen interest in the happenings down there.

    Don’t be onion-skinned now… how do you get answers if you don’t ask questions.

    Btw, what’s wrong with your other blog?

  11. commiedyan said

    I skin onions in my sleep. You still haven’t received my kilometric mail? Blogger’s nuts with people who want to maintain their ftps. Have been trying to get around their nasty scheme, but as yet, to no avail. And that is bad, because I thought I was smart.

  12. Nope, no mail… is yahoo on strike?

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